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boronBoron is a dietary mineral, which is believed to increase testosterone, provided it is supplemented at doses higher than found in food.

Testosterone Boosting Capabilities

Two studies have suggested that there may be interaction between boron and testosterone in both genders. Furthermore, “free testosterone” also seems to be positively affected. One particular study on men, found that an acute supplementation of boron over a period of six hours failed to demonstrate any increases in total testosterone levels, but “free testosterone” increased quite significantly, whilst the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) was reduced by 9%.

After a seven day period of supplementation, increases in “free testosterone” became quite significant (28.3%). Another study which lasted for a period of four weeks found that a 10 mg supplementation of boron induced increases in testosterone by 11.4%. A further study conducted on males who participated in bodybuilding found that a lower dose of 2.5 mg of boron administered over a nine week period, elevated plasma boron levels by 62%.

In general, boron supplementation in male adults appeared to deliver mixed results. It has contributed to increases in testosterone, put the increases may well be dependent on time, as well as the level of dose, because prolonged studies with the same or less dose failed to replicate similar increases in “free testosterone” that were witnessed in one particular reading.

Is Boron an Effective Testosterone Booster Ingredient?

In the presence of mixed results, it is difficult to try and determine whether boron is effective in a testosterone booster. Nevertheless, there is certainly potential.

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