Do you sell testosterone boosters?

No we don’t. The purpose of the site is to provide impartial and honest advice about anything to do with testosterone boosters.

If you don’t sell testosterone boosters, what is the point of the site?

We discovered a gap in the information that is available on testosterone boosters. The Internet is full of sites claiming to provide ‘good old honest information’ on testosterone boosters. But the reality is quite different. A lot of the times financial incentives often distort fact from fiction.

Are testosterone boosters similar to steroids?

Not quite. If you visit our about boosters section, you will come to realize that testosterone boosters and steroids are two very different things. Steroids work by pumping artificial synthetic hormones into the body, which essentially signal to the testes (where the majority of testosterone is produced) telling them that they no longer required to produce their own hormone.

One of the side-effects of steroids is ‘testicular shrinkage’. Unfortunately, the side-effects from steroids do not end there. Visit our similar to steroids section to learn more. Testosterone boosters on the other hand are created from natural ingredients, and they are designed to encourage your body to produce more of its own testosterone. This means that the side-effects are significantly less.

But I have heard that testosterone boosters and steroids have the same side effects, is this true?

This is an absolute fallacy. Steroids expose users to potentially harmful side-effects including testicular shrinkage, hormonal imbalances, and in more severe cases, kidney and liver damage. Typical side-effects that you can expect from the average testosterone booster will be mild headaches, and acne outbreaks. Which would you prefer?

Why are some testosterone boosters really cheap, whereas others are really expensive?

It all boils down to the ingredients, and how they are used. The high quality testosterone boosters will use the best ingredients available, and these usually come at a price. You can easily choose to use a ‘cheap’ testosterone booster, but the question is, will it make any difference to your testosterone levels? Probably not.

What should I expect from a high quality testosterone booster?

You should expect a massive improvement in the quality of your life, at the very least. This is no exaggeration, because a decent testosterone booster will not only increase your testosterone, it will help you feel more energetic, improve your ability to concentrate, lift your gym performances, provide you with an incredible sex drive, drastically improve your appearance, improve your skin texture, and the list goes on….

Which testosterone booster is the best?

This is a question that only you can answer. Different products aim to do different things. Your job is to identify your needs, and then read through our top rated section and find the best product to fulfill your requirements.

How can you class yourselves as an expert?

I have built a team of professionals in their respective fields. My team consists of an urologist, a personal trainer, dietician, and a small team of researchers who are dedicated to the subject of testosterone boosters and nothing else. To learn more, please visit the meet the team section.

Do you get paid to promote products?

No we don’t. If we received financial incentives for promoting products, than the last thing that we can claim is that we are independent. Independence and self-autonomy are central to this website.

How often is this site updated?

We endeavor to update this site as often as the need arises. In reality, you can expect ‘new stuff’ on a weekly basis, and this is more than enough to keep you abreast on anything to do with testosterone boosters.

Can we promote our products on your site?


Where are you guys based?

Currently, our team is based in the United Kingdom.

Can testosterone boosters enhance protein synthesis?

A good quality testosterone booster will no doubt speed up protein synthesis.