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Intimidate SRT (By iForce Nutrition)

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Intimidate SRT by iForce Nutrition is designed for “enhanced recovery” and “build muscle and burn fat”.

One of the main selling points for testosterone boosters is to help users build muscle, and Intimidate SRT claims to do just that.

Let’s see how effective Intimidate SRT really is…


Intimidate SRT By iForce Nutrition Nutrient Profile

  1. N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid (30 mg) is a type of amino acid regulator that dictates testosterone synthesis, and is suspected of promoting male fertility. According to various sources, D aspartic acid supplementation only allows for temporary increases in testosterone. On the plus side, D aspartic acid supplementation can increase testosterone quite significantly in as little as 12 days in infertile men. According to this study, 43 male subjects were administered with 3 g of D aspartic acid every day, and researchers noted impressive increases in testosterone and luteinizing hormone synthesis. Furthermore, another study involving 60 infertile men who were administered with 2.66 g of D aspartic acid every day saw an average increase in testosterone levels of up to 60%.
  2. Brassaiopsis Glomerulata 500mg * (Highly Standardized For (−)-Dehydrololiolide) (500 mg) is a type of tree commonly found in areas of Vietnam, and it seems that some of its compounds may help to inhibit the aromatase enzyme. However, more study is needed looking into this ingredient’s full potential.


Realistically, Intimidate SRT only relies on D-aspartic acid for its main advertising claim: “help to build muscle”. It is this ingredient that also helps to enhance testosterone, because it has repeatedly demonstrated its potency in this regard in many clinical trials.

Moving onto the second ingredient, Brassaiopsis Glomerulata, this is currently an unknown quantity even though it is suspected of helping to inhibit the aromatase enzyme. Without actual trials, this is pure speculation as far as I am concerned.

How to Take Intimidate SRT By iForce Nutrition

Take one serving immediately before going to bed. You are advised to use this supplement for eight weeks followed by a four-week break period.

Side Effects

There are no reported side-effects from using Intimidate SRT by iForce Nutrition.


You can buy a 30 capsule container for $25.99.

Intimidate SRT By iForce Nutrition Overall Rating

Intimidate by iForce Nutrition is essentially a D aspartic acid supplement, because the second ingredient doesn’t really offer anything to substantiate what it can do in terms of trials.

The problem with D aspartic acid supplements is that although they are extremely effective in enhancing testosterone, which in turn will inevitably build muscle, its effects are extremely short lived.

Testosterone levels can return to where they were before supplementation in as little as four weeks once a person stops taking it.

As a result, a $25.99 price tag for a D aspartic acid supplement is quite expensive, considering you will need to continuously use it to enjoy its benefits.

Testosterone Booster Expert Verdict: 4/10

Intimidate SRT (By iForce Nutrition)2Nick Evans2016-04-20 12:55:18Intimidate SRT by iForce Nutrition is designed for “enhanced recovery” and “build muscle and burn fat”.

One of the main selling points for …

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