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Similar to Prohormones?

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makor difference between testosterone boosters and steroidsThere is a major difference between prohormones and testosterone boosters. Both types of products claim to help you increase testosterone levels, leading to greater muscle mass. The manufacturers of prohormones and testosterone boosters will tell you that their respective products will provide you with more energy, and you will look much better after your gym workouts.

The common assumption is that testosterone boosters work in the same way as prohormones. This is in fact not true. Prohormones are almost identical to anabolic steroids, and are banned in most countries. Testosterone boosters are natural products that are designed to encourage the body to produce more of its own testosterone.

Testosterone Boosters: Breakdown

break testosterone downTestosterone is one of the primary male hormones produced in the male body. This hormone is responsible for many bodily functions including the sex drive, muscular development, bodily hair, and the development of a deep voice. Natural testosterone production is at its peak from puberty to the mid-20s. Once the average male reaches the age of 25, testosterone production begins to reduce, culminating in a downwards curve from thereon.

If you try to think back to when you were in your 20s, I’m sure that you will be able to reminisce of the times when you had low energy levels and a not-so-active sex drive. This was more likely than not a result of a reduction in your body’s testosterone production. Not that there is anything to worry about at that stage, but if testosterone production falls more than it ought to, this could lead to a number of more serious problems.

Say for instance you are a bodybuilder and keen on building healthy, lean muscle mass, abnormally low testosterone levels would inhibit you in building more muscle. That’s not all. A healthy sex drive can soon begin to feel like a car engine that is struggling to fire up because of a lack of fuel.

Prohormones: Breakdown

prohormones breakdownProhormones are almost identical to anabolic steroids. Just like anabolic steroids, there are many prohormone products that you will be able to find on the market.

You should not be mistaken in thinking that just because these products are quite easily available on different websites, that they are legal. Just like anabolic steroids, prohormones are illegal in most jurisdictions, and banned by most sporting bodies. Prohormones are created from chemicals that are designed to ‘stick to’ muscle fibers, and these encourage rapid muscle growth.

You just have to Google ‘prohormones’ and you will be presented with hundreds, if not thousands of websites offering these products, usually from countries where they may not necessarily be illegal. This does not mean that they become legal where you are. Unfortunately, a growing number of prohormone producers are presenting their products as testosterone boosters, hoping that consumers will not notice.

For your information, we have compiled the small list of examples of some of these so-called ‘testosterone boosters’, which are in fact prohormones. Stay clear of these products, which are designed to falsely give the impression that they are testosterone boosters:

  1. Androstebol
  2. Trenavar
  3. TEST Force
  4. Hard Rock Cycle Support
  5. Methastadrol
  6. 6-Oxo
  7. Epi-Plex
  8. Halo-Plex
  9. Vasopump
  10. Strive
  11. Shred XT powder
  12. TEST Force
  13. Grenade .50 Calibre
  14. BULLK
  15. MR Vortex

Remember, when you are presented with any of these products, you are looking at prohormones/steroids, not testosterone boosters.

Marketing Discrepancies

clever marketing

Irresponsible bodybuilders and sports professionals will have you believe that steroids are the best way to achieve rapid muscle growth and surges in strength and power. Unfortunately, a small number of testosterone booster manufacturers describe their products as ‘legal steroids’ in their marketing fluff.

The bottom line is that it is only testosterone boosters that will naturally encourage your body to produce more of its own testosterone. If you are considering anything else, then you are potentially marching into ‘dangerous territory’.

Your Body: Your Responsibility

your body your responsibilityAs long as you always remember to avoid anything that contains any type of prohormone, you should be fine. Always be sure to read up on the ingredients in the product that you may be considering using. If any of the above named products are in your consideration, you should stop immediately, because they are illegal in Europe and the United States, as well as many other jurisdictions.

You should always be encouraged to choose products that contain natural ingredients. It is only natural ingredients that will safely encourage your body to produce its own testosterone.

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