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Status (By Blue Star Nutraceuticals)

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Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals provides “testosterone support”. The manufacturer claims this supplement provides “advanced anti-estrogen support and promotes increases in power”.

The main ingredient Status relies on is fenugreek.


Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals Nutrient Profile

  1. Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) (21 mg), naturally present in certain foods, and the human body depends on this vitamin to enable it to perform more than “100 enzyme reactions” in relation to the metabolism. Vitamin B6 plays a vital role during infancy because it helps to develop the brain function, and reinforce the immune system. Quite unexpectedly, one study noted massive increases in the growth hormone immediately post exercise after daily supplementation.
  2. Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate) (180 mg) is an essential dietary mineral, and a deficiency in this mineral can present a whole host of health problems including high blood pressure. Currently, there is a growing magnesium deficiency in many Western countries. According to trials, daily magnesium supplementation can help to reduce glucose and provide formidable improvement during extreme physical stress. Moreover, one study has shown magnesium to significantly increase bone mineral density.
  3. Zinc (as Monomethionine and Aspartate) (12 mg) is an essential dietary mineral that is concerned with regulating certain enzymes. It is believed that zinc normally leaves the body through sweat, and this possibly explains why zinc levels are so low immediately post-workout. It is widely accepted that zinc is a potent libido enhancer, as well as a testosterone booster. One trial found immense increases in circulating testosterone levels after daily zinc supplementation.

Anabolic Support Complex (1276 mg)

  1. TestoSURGE® (Trigonella foenum – graecum) (Seed) (Standardized to 80% Grecunin), derived from fenugreek, which is a type of plant normally found in parts of India and the Middle East. Fenugreek’s traditional uses include libido enhancement as well as helping to fight diabetes. According to a lone study, daily fenugreek supplementation over the course of 6 months managed to increase testosterone levels quite significantly.
  2. Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia) (Root) is widely used in parts of Asia to help alleviate various sexual dysfunctions. There is no evidence that this ingredient has any interaction with testosterone, or any other hormone for that matter.
  3. Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) (Berries) has traditionally been used to help promote the libido. One trial noted that this ingredient possesses prostate-protective qualities, and also has shown to hinder the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. But purely in terms of testosterone enhancement, repeated studies have failed to spot anything impressive. For instance, this study involved a daily 320 mg supplementation over the course of 6 months and failed to find any positive effects on testosterone levels.
  4. Resveratrol is a type of molecule commonly found in wine, and is believed to be effective in promoting blood flow, and aiding the heart. Interestingly, resveratrol can have some unwanted effects that you probably wouldn’t want if you want pack muscle and increase endurance.  According to this study, resveratrol can hinder some of the benefits normally associated with intense exercise such as blood pressure and oxygen capacity.
  5. Chrysin is a type of compound normally found in bee pollen. Chrysin has shown to skyrocket testosterone levels when directly injected into the testicles, but appears to be completely ineffective using all other methods, including oral consumption, as seen here.

XD Delivery Technology (12 mg)

  1. Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) is a type of molecule that is known to increase absorption rates.
  2. Fumarate is typically used to treat high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems.
  3. Succinate is concerned with several chemical processes in the human body, and is sometimes used in health supplements to alleviate menopausal symptoms, irritability and hot flashes.


Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals contains some high quality testosterone enhancing ingredients like zinc and fenugreek, as well as a proven growth hormone booster (vitamin B6) and performance enhancer, in the form of magnesium.

With ingredients like long jack and saw palmetto, you are bound to notice improvements in the libido.

How to Take Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals

Take four capsule (1 serving) half an hour before going to bed, preferably on an empty stomach.

Side Effects

There are no reported side-effects from using Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals.


You can buy a 120 serving container for $69.99.

Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals Overall Rating

As I mentioned earlier, Status certainly contains some high quality, proven testosterone enhancing ingredients, as well as powerful libido enhancers, but…

I have 3 BIG issues with this supplement:

  1. Contains a proprietary blend that hides precise ingredient quantities, so no one knows whether Status is sufficiently dosed
  2. Contains resveratrol, an ingredient that’s proven to negate the effects of intense exercise!
  3. Contains Chrysin, that’s only effective in increasing testosterone when injected directly into the balls.

Testosterone Booster Expert Verdict: 6/10

Status (By Blue Star Nutraceuticals)3Nick Evans2016-04-25 13:03:59Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals provides “testosterone support”. The manufacturer claims this supplement provides “advanced anti-estrogen sup…
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Nick Evans is a fully qualified nutritionist and personal trainer. Nick is also currently undertaking a PhD in Food Science at a leading Scottish University. Nick has been a keen bodybuilder throughout his adulthood and is well-versed with health supplements, hence he feels he is in a good position to offer expert advice on testosterone boosters.