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Tribulus Terrestris

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tribulus terrestrisTribulus terrestris is a type of plant that forms a part of the Ayurveda plant family.

Its root and fruits have been used for generations to provide male vitality and virility.

The root is known to enhance libido and sexual well-being, without actually influencing testosterone levels.

The fruits element has shown itself to protect various organ functions inside the body.

What Is It?

Tribulus Terrestris forms a part of the Ayuverda plant family.

It has commonly been used to enhance overall male health, particularly urogenital, and cardiovascular well-being.

It’s common for Tribulus terrestris to be used in supplement form, to enhance the libido.

Recently, this ingredient has been touted as possessing testosterone boosting properties.

In terms of libido enhancement, tribulus terrestris has demonstrated its reliability and potency in tests carried out in rats.

The tests confirmed a notable increase in sexual well-being as well as the quality of erections.

Although it is not yet clearly understood how tribulus terrestris works, it has demonstrated its ability to enhance androgen receptor density inside the brain, which is possibly responsible for enhancing the libido.

Furthermore, there is limited evidence to suggest that tribulus terrestris may be between weak and non-effective in enhancing fertility.

In animal studies, the fruit element of tribulus terrestris appeared to protect some organs, including kidney and liver.

Lower dosages can also provide anti-stress effects, which confirm this herb’s status as an adaptogen.

Despite the number off benefits provided by tribulus terrestris, studies focusing on “sports performance” have failed to find any further benefits.

Although this herb is a healthy supplement, particularly for sexual health, it has not demonstrated any enhancements to power output or any increases in testosterone.

Testosterone Boosting Capabilities

A number of studies have highlighted the fact that testosterone is not influenced by the supplementation of tribulus terrestris.

Nevertheless, there may be a hint of an increase in infertile men.

Is Tribulus Terrestris an Effective Testosterone Booster Ingredient?

Although tribulus terrestris is an effective libido enhancer, as well as a potent protector of organ functions, its testosterone boosting capabilities are either very trivial or null.

Despite a number of studies that have tried to establish its affects on testosterone, it is pretty clear that it is “non-effective” (in testosterone boosting terms).

To conclude, tribulus terrestris is not an effective testosterone booster ingredient.

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