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Z-Matrix (By Evlution Nutrition)

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Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition is presented as a “nighttime performance recovery powder”, which is “engineered to support growth hormone, strength and a restful sleep”.


Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition Nutrient Profile

  1. Vitamin D3 (500 IU) is an essential mineral, sometimes referred to as the “sunlight vitamin”. Vitamin D is synthesized when the skin is directly exposed to the sun’s radiation, and is known to promote bone health, and enhance the mood amongst other things. Interestingly, one study involving 165 test subjects who were administered with 3332 IU of vitamin D daily, over the course of one year saw increases in bioactive and free testosterone (on average = 10.7±3.9 nmol/l to 13.4±4.7 nmol/l).
  2. Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl) (11 mg) can be found in certain foods, and the human body relies on this vitamin to enable it to perform more than “100 enzyme reactions” concerned with the metabolism. Vitamin B6 is known to promote brain development during infancy, and in adulthood, it is used to help reinforce the immune system. Interestingly, one study noted massive increases in the growth hormone immediately after exercise.
  3. Folic Acid (100 mcg) is typically used in conjunction with vitamin B6, and can be found in certain foods including cereals, tomatoes, mushrooms, leafy greens, pasta, and organ meat. Folic acid operates to break down and create new proteins.
  4. Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate) (450 mg), just like vitamin D3 is an essential dietary mineral. A magnesium deficiency is currently skyrocketing in certain Western countries, and this brings with it a whole host of health problems including high blood pressure. According to studies, magnesium supplementation can help to deplete glucose, and provide massive improvements during extreme physical stress. Moreover, magnesium has shown to increase bone mineral density as seen here.
  5. Zinc (as mono-l-methionine and aspartate) (30 mg), is also an essential dietary mineral concerned with the regulation of enzymes. Zinc normally leaves the body through sweat during exercise, and this possibly explains why zinc levels are so low immediately after a workout. There is widespread consensus that zinc supplementation can enhance the libido, as well as increase testosterone, especially in men already displaying a zinc deficiency. One study noted that regular zinc supplementation for six months helped to increase circulating testosterone “immensely”.
  6. L-Theanine (200 mg) is a type of amino acid that is a recognized relaxant, that doesn’t cause sedation. Current studies, have failed to identify any major effects when it comes to anxiety, as seen here. An altogether different study involving 200 mg theanine daily supplementation also “failed to influence state anxiety”, see here. Nevertheless, one study looking at the effects on sleep found that a 400 mg daily supplementation over the course of six weeks noted “significant improvement in sleep efficiency”.
  7. Bioperine® black pepper extract (5 mg) is derived from black peppers and is commonly used in supplements to aid absorption.


Z-Matrix contains a couple of proven testosterone enhancing ingredients, namely vitamin D3, and zinc.

Looking at some of the other ingredients, I can see the idea behind this supplement, because it is touted as “nighttime performance recovery powder”. L-Theanine is often touted as an “anxiety fighter” and a “sleep aid”.

Although one study does confirm its effectiveness in aiding sleep, somebody suffering from anxiety won’t really see benefits, as demonstrated in at least two studies.

Looking at Z-Matrix purely from a testosterone enhancement point of view, it leaves quite a bit to be desired.

How to Take Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition

Take four capsules daily on an empty stomach.

Side Effects

There are no reported side-effects from using Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition.


Currently you can buy a 120 tablet container for $14.99, or two 120 capsule containers for $29.98.

Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition Overall Rating

Z-Matrix is a supplement that is presented as a sleep aid, or a night-time recovery agent.

Provided that you don’t suffer from anxiety, this supplement will be effective in this regard.

However, from a testosterone enhancement perspective (after all, this is Testosterone Booster Expert!), it is pretty weak because it only contains two relevant ingredients.

Testosterone Booster Expert Verdict: 5/10

Z-Matrix (By Evlution Nutrition)2.5Nick Evans2016-04-14 11:00:06Z-Matrix by Evlution Nutrition is presented as a “nighttime performance recovery powder”, which is “engineered to support growth hormone, streng…
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